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Haw Par Music

Haw Par Music is a centre for cross-cultural exchange through music, heritage and arts, with a social initiative. It aims to create a unique place where the heritage of the Haw Par Mansion integrates with vibrant and enriched music education and arts programmes for the Hong Kong community. It also serves to develop broader cultural understanding for the enrichment of life, future community and service leaders, and to enhance the harmony through music. Haw Par Music is committed to provide the following programmes:

  • Individual, Small and Large Instrumental and Ensemble Classes for Chinese and Western Music

  • Music Innovation and Creativity Programme

  • Chamber Music Academy

  • Integrated Music & Wellness Programme

  • Cultural and Heritage Guided Tours

  • Heritage Conservation Workshops & Exhibitions

  • Social & Community Outreach Programmes

  • 3 Tiers of Events – Premium, Master and Community Series of Music, Arts and Heritage Events