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思考音樂:音樂的未來 - Music and Ideas Festival: The Future of Music

Updated: Sep 28, 2019


How can music impact our society today? Whatever your music interest is, we invite you to further your knowledge in an interactive, stimulating setting of workshops and sharing given by musicians, music practitioners and educators from across the music industry.


《Music and Ideas Festival: The Future of Music》

工作坊|思考音樂|音樂會 |

Music Hour | Workshop Hour | Heritage Hour | Sharing Lab |

日期 Date:16 - 17 / 8 / 2019

【16 . 08 . 2019】

思考音樂 Sharing Lab I


Music in practice –How do our musicians navigate between communities?

時間 Time :13:30 - 15:00

免費入場 Free Admission

思考音樂 Sharing Lab:


Serve with tea and coffee, our aim is to get you chatting, fired up on new ideas and excited to share what’s working well in your practice and to discuss all of this in the company of like-minded practitioners. Through peer-to-peer learning, this initiative will support music practitioners in the heart of its approach. All are welcome to contribute.

主題演講 Key Seminar

音樂與大腦 Welcome Music to your Brain

嘉賓:黃慧英博士, 香港教育大學文化與創意藝術學系助理教授

Faculty: Dr Paulina Wong, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA), The Hong Kong Education University

時間 Time:16:00 - 17:30

免費入場 Free Admission

【17 . 08 . 2019】

思考音樂|Sharing Lab

思考音樂: 小朋友圍埋講 Sharing Lab II for Children :

音樂的未來: 點解音樂?

A Children Manifesto for the Future of Music : What is Music? Why Music?


Facilitator : Ms Gigi Lam, Community Music Practitioner

時間 Time :13:30 - 15:00

年齡 Age:4 - 12 years old 歲

免費入場 Free Admission

網上報名 Online Application :https://forms.gle/rSHcm5DVxAWQRMpa8


For application and details, please refer to promotional leaflet or website: www.hawparmusic.org/