Our Vision

  • To facilitate eclectic exchanges between cultures, societies and generations – of East and West, between New and Old, across Haves and Have Nots, for the Serving and the Served – encompassing what we call the “Haw Par Ethos”
  • To reinvigorate the Aw family legacy by promoting holistic wellbeing to the public through our interweaving framework of music, heritage and social programmes

Our Mission

  • Conservation of Haw Par Mansion: for maximum preservation of original structure and significant character defining elements, maintaining all of its historical and architectural significance as a heritage landmark for continued appreciation of the public and future generations
  • Revitalisation as Haw Par Music: a centre for cross-cultural exchange through music, heritage and arts, with a social initiative; providing not only high quality education on Western and Chinese music, but also an nurturing environment for the next generation of arts practitioners and future cultural leaders