In this “Music Hour” series, we had Romer String Quartet bringing us an evening of chamber music classics from Haydn to Stravinsky. There was also a special pre-concert guided tour of the Mansion.

Special thanks to the Romer String Quartet for their performance! It was a magnificent night with lots of great tunes. Stay tuned for updates on the next 《Music Hour》!

About the Romer String Quartet
Named after the Romer’s Tree Frog endemic to Hong Kong, the Romer String Quartet was formed by four musicians all born and raised in Hong Kong. The quartet has been recognised locally and abroad as one of the most active string quartets in town since its debut in 2013.

Romer String Quartet is dedicated to promoting chamber music to the younger generations in Hong Kong and Asia. They also provide free educational workshops and concerts to children through a 5-year partnership with the Hong Kong Playground Association.