Haw Par Woodwinds Courses

A new semester has started! Haw Par Music strives to cultivate outstanding talents and emerging musicians, and to promote music appreciation to a wider audience and community of music lovers in Hong Kong. Taught exclusively by our esteemed faculty, our year-round programme offers instrumental courses to students and adults of all ages and varying levels of proficiency. The historical and revitalised Haw Par Mansion provides an ideal environment and ambience for chamber music training, a core focus of our educational programme with performance opportunities, community outreach initiative, artist-in-residence and cross-cultural collaborations.

Course Format
• Individual
• Ensemble Class

Class Date & Time
To be arranged with teacher

All Ages

Flute • Clarinet • Oboe • Bassoon

Ms. Alice Hui (Flute), Ms. Carol Chan (Oboe), Ms. Wai Lau (Clarinet), Mr. Eric Fung (Clarinet)

$1100 for 60-minute class, $850 for 45-minute class, $600 for 30-minute class

Ensemble Class
Small Group (2-8 people): $5200 (10 lessons)

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