The Jazz Era 1

From African-American Origins to Be-Bop

This introduction course to jazz history will examine the African-American roots and 19th-century precursors to the be-bop era. Students will learn about the historical and cultural context of the development of jazz within the American society and also as a global culture. It will cover most major artists, bands and periods, including African-American folk forms, ragtime, New Orleans, the swing era, Latin jazz to other movements. Listening examples and video footage will be provided to enrich the experience and deepen the aural understanding of jazz music through the periods.

Regular Sessions:
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm   
Venue: Room 113, Haw Par Music, 15A Tai Hang Road, Tai Hang, Hong Kong                          
Language: English
Age: 18+
Faculty: Ms Jessica Zuch
Fee: $3,600 / 8 Lessons

Details & Online Registration:
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