Our Social Enrichment Programme offers a nostalgic and rejuvenating experience to visitors by integrating elements of music and wellness into our regular guided tour. The serene ambience of Haw Par Music is a perfect destination for Hongkongers to take refuge of the hustle and bustle of our busy city life. We hope that participants of this programme would leave with a smile, feeling invigorated.

The Social Enrichment Programme consists of a 60-minute guided tour of the revitalized Haw Par Mansion, which is followed by a 45-minute workshop led by registered occupational therapists or music therapists. Tailor made to suit the needs of different groups, the workshop may include interactive music appreciation, cross-cultural activities, etc.

Currently targeted towards resident groups, community centres, elderly groups, underprivileged children and patient support groups, this programme serves a minimum of eight small groups each month. Interested groups shall contact us for your session.