The faculty, students and affiliated practitioners of Haw Par Music are committed to connecting with our community through music, which has the amazing ability of evoking joy and comforting weary souls. Such is the genesis of our “Music in the Community” series of outreach concerts, which does not only target the society in general, but also specific groups in need of special care and spiritual support, including but not limited to underprivileged families, single parents and their children, cancer patients and survivors, and the elderly from nursing homes.

To bring the joy of music to a wider audience, “Music in the Community” outreach performances take place twice a month at different locations throughout Hong Kong. Our teachers and instructors will take part in the monthly Faculty Going Out; whereas in Faculty and Students Going Out, also organized monthly, they will join hands with selected students to share the results of their hard work with audiences. This is both a valuable opportunity for students to gain performing experience, teamwork skills and confidence, as well as an occasion for personal growth through engagement and interaction with community members.