Chinese Music

As a crucible of East-West cultural exchange, Hong Kong is a perfect platform for the promotion of traditional Chinese music. Its unique aesthetics and appeal as well as the colourfully diverse genres and repertoire ensure its continued appreciation by all walks of life.

In an ongoing collaboration with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, our Chinese Music Strategic Partner, Haw Par Music has devised and organized a comprehensive programme to provide quality Chinese music education to the public, and to enhance their appreciation and love towards our Chinese heritage.


Age: Children (6-18) / Adults (18 or above)

Level: Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced

Instruments: Guzheng / Erhu / Dizi / Pipa / Liuqin / Ruan

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Current Offerings:

.Instrumental Courses

.Chinese Chamber Ensemble

.Chinese Culture Appreciation Workshops

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Chinese Instrumental Courses

In a collaboration with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, our Chinese Music Strategic Partner, Haw Par Music offers year-round instrumental courses to students and adults of varying levels of proficiency. Taught by professional musicians from the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, these courses aim at popularizing the study of Chinese music in the society.

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Private Instrumental Lesson

The most efficient way to master a musical instrument is through one-on-one lessons. Comprising musicians from and professors, our faculty of instructors can offer students private instrumental tuition of the highest standards. Students can be referred to take part in graded or diploma examinations.

Private teachers can tailor their instruction style, pace and choice of repertoire to suit the learning needs and musical development of individual students, who would be able to focus on honing individual skills. Being more motivated and disciplined, they have a far greater opportunity for success.

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Instrumental Group Class

With the intention of popularizing music learning within our community, our Instrumental Group Classes are structured according to students’ age (children or adults) and level. Classes are conducted in small groups of 2-6 students to ensure maximum learning efficiency.

Instruments Guzheng, Pipa, Erhu, Dizi, Zhonghu
Level Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced
Age Children (6-18) / Adults (18 or above)
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Chinese Music Ensemble

The unique aesthetics and appeal of traditional Chinese music ensure its continued appreciation by all walks of life, and the colourfully diverse and expressive repertoire for the ensemble is particularly popular.

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Guided by professional musicians from the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, our Chinese Music Ensemble classes help students explore the profound repertoire. Coached regularly in dedicated small groups to rehearse set pieces together towards artistic excellence, students will master the art of Chinese ensemble music playing through hands-on practice and frequent collaborations. Groups achieving satisfactory standards will be offered unique public performance opportunities.

The Chinese Music Ensemble Class is suitable for children and adults possessing basic playing skills on suitable Chinese musical instruments. Applications by individuals or groups of 3 to 8 players are both welcome. Individual applicants will be assigned to groups according to their age and musical proficiency.

Age Unlimited
Group Size 3 to 8 players
No. of Sessions 30 per year in 3 terms (10 sessions per term)
Session Duration 1 hour
Tuition Fee $3,800 per player per term
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Short Term Courses

Keen to enhance the public’s love and awareness of Chinese music, Haw Par Music collaborates with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra regularly to organize short term courses on various Chinese music topics, so that people from all walks of life can develop a deeper understanding of the historical significance of various Chinese music genres, and have a first taste of playing Chinese musical instruments.

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