Classical Music

The Western musical tradition flourished since the Medieval Ages alongside the continual development of sophisticated musical forms, styles and genres. Classical music is nowadays the most influential musical culture around the globe, and virtually everyone in the modern world learn or appreciate it to different extents.

Our all rounded music education programme is a vital element of musical activities taking place in Haw Par Music. Our home venue, the historical and revitalised Haw Par Mansion, provides an ideal environment and ambience for chamber music training, a main focus of our educational programme with performance opportunities, community outreach initiative, artist-in-residence and cross-cultural collaborations.

Age: Children (6-18) / Adults (18 or above)

Level: Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced

Instruments: Strings / Woodwinds / Voice / Piano

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Current Offerings:

.Haw Par Chamber Music Academy

.Instrumental Courses

.Chamber Ensemble

.Haw Par String Orchestra

.Theory and Musicianship

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Haw Par Chamber Music Academy

Our Chamber Music Academy is Asia’s first specialised preparatory programme dedicated to chamber music studies at Grade 1 heritage venue, designed for the serious and musically inclined students aged 10-18 seeking artistic excellence. It operates in the historical Haw Par Mansion, revitalized into Haw Par Music which has become an ideal training ground fostering chamber music education.

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What is Chamber Music?

Chamber music is a delicate and intimate musical form which emphasizes collaboration and rapport. It is also a great opportunity to communicate with each other, share musical ideas and build friendships. Hence chamber music is also commonly known as “the music of friends”.

Learning Chamber Music at Haw Par Music

In this year-round, semester-based programme, students meet at Haw Par Music every Saturday to receive intensive music training taught by a renowned faculty. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of thorough music education, including private instrumental tuition, chamber music pedagogy, performance practices and techniques, general musicianship and ensemble playing.

Embracing a holistic approach to music education, the Academy’s top priority is the personal growth and wellbeing of each student. Hence we have included our unique Integrated Music and Wellness Programme as an integral part of the curriculum, exploring such topics as Music and Mindfulness, Body Movement and Injury Prevention. These compulsory courses can help students develop a healthy musical outlook, physically and mentally.

The Academy strives to nurture young musicians to become cultural leaders with all-round skills and innovation. During seasonal chamber music festivals, students are given opportunities to take short courses taught by renowned overseas faculty, or gain first-hand experience studying and performing alongside visiting world-class artists. They will also perform in community engagement activities to promote social betterment and positive values.

Students are admitted to the Academy on merits of their musical ability and potential to develop into professional musicians. Application for audition is open in August and December each year.

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Academy Curriculum

Core Curriculum (Saturday Classes)

  • String orchestra
  • General musicianship
  • Pedagogy and technique
  • Chamber music coaching

Enrichment Course (Compulsory)

  • Sight-reading and quick study
  • Body movement, relaxation and injury prevention
  • Music and mindfulness
  • Masterclasses with faculty and visiting artists
  • Performances at Haw Par Music and community outreach initiatives
  • Private instrumental tuition (additional cost)

Haw Par Music Instrumental Courses

Haw Par Music strives to cultivate outstanding emerging musicians, promote music appreciation to a wider demographic, and build a community of music lovers in Hong Kong. Taught exclusively by our esteemed faculty, our year-round instrumental programme are offered to students and adults of all ages and varying levels of proficiency.

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Private Instrumental Lesson

The most efficient way to master a musical instrument is through one-on-one lessons. Comprising renowned professional musicians and professors, our faculty of instructors can offer students private instrumental tuition of the highest standards. Students can be referred to take part in graded or diploma examinations.

Private teachers can tailor their instruction style, pace and choice of repertoire to suit the learning needs and musical development of individual students, who would be able to focus on honing individual skills. Being more motivated and disciplined, they have a far greater opportunity for success.

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Instrumental Group Class

With the intention of popularizing music learning within our community, our Instrumental Group Classes are structured according to students’ age (children or adults) and level. Classes are conducted in small groups of 2-6 students to ensure maximum learning efficiency.

Age: Children (6-18) / Adults (18 or above)

Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced

Instrument: *Violin, *Viola, *Cello, Piano (Classical, Jazz, Pop), Flute, Charinet, Vocal

* String students with proficiency equivalent to ABRSM / RCM Grade 7 or above and good performance may be invited to audition for the Haw Par String Orchestra.

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Chamber Ensemble

It is through participating in a chamber ensemble that a musician can develop his playing technique, teamwork skills and confidence most quickly and effectively. In our Chamber Ensemble Class, musicians are coached regularly in dedicated small groups – be it piano trio, string quartet, wind octet or other esoteric combinations – to rehearse set pieces together towards artistic excellence.

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Under the guidance of our panel of professional chamber musicians as instructors, participants will master the art of chamber music playing through hands-on practice and frequent collaborations. Groups achieving satisfactory standards will be offered unique public performance opportunities.

The Chamber Ensemble Class is suitable for children and adults possessing basic playing skills on suitable Western musical instruments. Applications by individuals or groups of 3 to 8 players are both welcome. Individual applicants will be assigned to groups according to their age and musical proficiency.

Age: Unlimited
Group Size: 3 to 8 players
No. of Sessions: 30 per year in 3 terms (10 sessions per term)
Session Duration: 1 hour
Tuition Fee: $5,200 per player per term
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Haw Par String Orchestra

Orchestral training is vital element to wholesome music education, and highly beneficial to aspiring chamber musicians who need to play with precision and acumen, and develop perfect rapport with their stage fellows.

Currently led by renowned violinist Amelia Chan, the Haw Par String Orchestra explores string ensemble repertory in a nurturing and pedagogical learning environment. Besides regular performances in Haw Par Music and regular community outreach events, orchestra members are also given opportunities to participate in masterclasses and performances with distinguished international artists.

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The Haw Par String Orchestra meets on Saturday mornings for a total of 40 weeks per school year. The orchestra is suitable for young string players attaining Grade 7 or above. Members are selected by audition.

Rehearsal Period: Saturdays, 09:30–11:30
Venue: Classroom 113, Haw Par Music
Tuition Fee: $3,500 per term ( 10 weeks/term)

Audition Eligibility

Age 21 or below
Instrument Violin, viola, cello or double bass
Proficiency ABRSM/RCM Grade 7 or above (or equivalent)
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Theory and Musicianship

Training on music theory and general musicianship, both of which form the core foundation of accomplished musicians, is vital to a well structured music course. Through the process of reading (sight-reading), writing (composing), listening (aural training), singing as well as improvising and appreciating music, students put music to practice and they will acquire and internalize all the basic skills which form the nuts and bolts of their instrumental and vocal studies.

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ABRSM Grade 5/8 Music Theory Courses

Understanding the tonal language and the use of western music notation is an essential part of a rounded music education, empowering students with the ability to perform satisfyingly. A pass at ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam* has long been an international benchmark and is mandatory for students taking practical exams at Grade 6 or above.

Designed around the ABRSM Music Theory exam syllabus, our Music Theory Courses aim at helping students achieve both a thorough understanding of the content and excellent exam results. The courses feature mock exercises and analyses of answering strategies to further help students comprehend and brace them for the exams progressively.

Content of Grade 5 Music Theory Course includes pitches, note values, accidentals, time signatures, intervals, triads, figured bass and simple harmonic analyses, whereas Grade 8 Music Theory course coveyrs an expanded harmonic vocabulary, principles of modulation and four-part writing, and keyboard styles, to enable students to tackle context-oriented exam questions.

* Or other equivalent exams

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