Jazz & Pop


Jazz & Pop

For over a century, the Jazz and Pop genres never cease to evolve and innovate, and they form the very foundation of popular music in the modern world, appreciated by virtually everybody around the globe. As an institution with strong advocacy of interdisciplinary collaboration, Haw Par Music has gathered a faculty of seasoned musicians to offer courses on jazz and pop music in group classes or individually, in order to cater for the increasing demand.

Besides offering tuition on musical instruments (piano, guitar, bass, drumming) and singing in the jazz/pop idiom, we also offer courses on composition/arrangement and music production, made possible thanks to our fully equipped Haw Par Music Lab.

Age: Children (6-18) / Adults (18 or above)
Level: Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced
Areas: Piano / Guitar / Bass / Drumming / Vocal

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Current courses on offer include:

  • Understanding and Appreciating Jazz Repertoire
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Improvisation Ensemble
  • Arranging & Songwriting
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