Haw Par Music values the vital support from the business sector greatly. Corporates may enhance their profile and reputation by offering sponsorships to our comprehensive programmes or spectacular events. We can help you fulfil your marketing and CSR objectives by providing unique benefits to your customers, staff and guests, including dedicated guided tours, tailor-made VIP experiences, and more.
Haw Par Music offers flexible sponsorship options, including (but not limited to):
• Regular music programmes (e.g. Music Hour)
• Heritage events and activities
• Weekly social enrichment programmes
• Community outreach programmes with teachers, students and practitioners
• Bespoke cross-collaborative events
• Scholarships and need-based bursary to individual students
• Naming of Haw Par Music teaching rooms
If you are interested in collaborating with us through sponsorship, please contact us at supportHPM@hawparmusic.org.