Welcome to Haw Par Music! You can visit the ground floor of the Main Hall and the Private Garden area during our opening hours.

Visit the ground floor of the Main Hall and the Private Garden Area:
• Individual visitor: No pre-registration required, free admission.
• Group visitors (travel agency): pre-registration is required for crowd control with an administration fee for $200/30 people.

You may also register for a thorough visit to the whole premise:
• Individual visitor: Guided Tour Details and Online Registration
• Group visitors (schools, social welfare and cultural institutions): Check out here for more information. 


A Note to Visitors

  1. Haw Par Music is the fruit of the revitalisation of Haw Par Mansion, a Grade 1 heritage building. We need your kind help in protecting the site and the artefacts.
  2. Please respect the site, the artefacts, other visitors and those who work here.
  3. Help us keep Haw Par Music clean and tidy.
  4. Help us preserve the heritage features of the site by handling them with restraint and utmost care.
  5. Haw Par Music does not permit entry of pets, with the exception of guide dogs.
  6. We welcome visitors to take photos respectfully. However, flash photography are not allowed at the premises.
  7. Prior approval must be sought from the Haw Par Music Management Office for commercial filming and/or any form of recording.
  8. Due to the nature of certain activities, some locations of the site may occasionally be restricted without prior notice. Please follow the instructions on our signage and our staff’s directions.
  9. Visitors are required to register via “LeaveHomeSafe” or leave their contact information at the entrance. Visitors are also required to wear face masks and go through temperature checks before entering the venue.
  10. Enforcement of using “Leave Home Safe” mobile application with a valid vaccine pass (blue code) is required when entering the premise. Persons with red or yellow code will not be allowed to enter the premise.
  11. Crowd control will be implemented when necessary according to the number of people in the venue. Visitors will need to observe Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation issued by the government.